Day One

Monday, June 15, 2015

Yoga at the St Julien or Morning Walk / Run on the Boulder Creek Path


The Big Boulder Initiative

Campaign for Diversity

Data, Ads, and Twitter

An Interview with Adam Bain from Twitter

Navigating Your World One Reviewer at a Time

An Interview with Justin Overdorff from Yelp

Morning Break

Driving Actionable Insights

Amy Lamparske from 3M and Kim Yarnell from Macy's Discuss How Brands Are Using Social Data to Drive Business Impact

Academic Researchers on Social Data's Critical Frontiers

Anna Lauren Hoffmann, Jim Thatcher, and Shawn Walker Discuss the Challenges of Creating New Frontiers in Academic Research Using Social Data


The Data Behind Record Sales

An Interview with Taylor Hanson of HANSON / 3CG Records

Sounding Off

Alex White, Faithe Parker, Rob Buell, Taylor Hanson, and William Gruger Discuss Social Data Use Cases in the Music Industry

Data, Network, and Crowd Science

Laura Norén, Noshir Contractor, and Wei Wang Discuss How Social Data Is Changing Network and Communication Science with Online Collaborative Methods

Afternoon Break

Partners, Platforms, and Data

An Interview with Bob Rosin from LinkedIn

Managing the Seedy Neighborhoods of Social Data

Sean Gorman from Gives a Pecha Kucha Talk on Where Free Expression Collides with Harassment


Parang Saraf from Virginia Tech Gives a Pecha Kucha Talk on Building Tools for the Future

Social Data Law, Policy, and Ethics

Don Heider, Emily Bell, and Judy Selby Discuss the Gray Areas Around the Ethical Use of Social Data

Day One Wrap-Up

A Summary of Key Themes from the Day

Cocktails at the St Julien

All Attendee Dinner at West End Tavern

Day Two

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sunrise Hike at Chautauqua Park


Welcome to Day Two!

The Evolution of a Social Platform

An Interview with Jeff Glueck from Foursquare


Andrew Patterson, Anthony Rodriguez, Daniel Jeydel, David Anderson, and Sam Farber Discuss the Use of Social Data to Run Their Operations

Morning Break

Government Doing Good with Social Data

Aaron Rodericks from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada Gives a Pecha Kucha Talk on the Use of Social Data for Social Good in Government

Social Data for Social Good

Elena Eneva, Leysia Palen, and Patrick Meier Discuss How Organizations Are Using Social Data to Improve Social Good

The Mind of a Marketer

An Interview with Jordan Bitterman from Mindshare

What's Getting Funded

Brad Feld and Mike Brown Discuss What's Getting Funded within the Social Data Industry and Why


Programmatic Data-Driven Advertising

Don Springer and Evan Hanlon Discuss How Big Players Use Social Data to Drive Performance through Programmatic Ad Spend

Brands, Signal, and Pins

An Interview with Tram Nguyen from Pinterest

Thoughts from Big Boulder

A Summary of Key Themes from the Event

Historical Tour of Downtown Boulder